The Power of Being Positive

Getting through our day sometimes can be difficult with all our many responsibilities. I try to get up in the morning with some very positive thoughts and pray that the day will bring good things as we never really know what the day may bring.

Once we accomplish a difficult task, we than know that we can do a great many things that we didn’t think were possible. That positive energy can send us into more successful achievements. It can give us confidence that we didn’t know we had. We should always believe in ourselves.

I know in THE ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD, Francie becomes a different person going home than she when she was traveling to France. Her experiences there give her a strong belief that she can face any difficult job she will have to handle in the future. In her young life, she has many difficult tasks to overcome.

We should try to break our worry habits and be more self-assured in the days ahead. Doing those things that relax us can help us be less stressed. There is yoga, exercising, walking, and reading to name a few examples of helping us become more at ease. That positive energy we have can assist us in making our days much more enjoyable and fulfilled. Believing that we can do something is half the battle to meeting our challenges.

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