The American Dream

Immigrants who come to this country have a dream that with lots of hard work and ambition, great things will happen. Being frugal and dedicated to their ideals, newcomers make a place for themselves in their new homeland. Many do jobs that are considered unsuitable by many citizens in our own country. Any work is considered of value.

In the book, THE ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD by Victoria Kamar Olivett, we see the Irish immigrant Fitzgerald family living in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880’s. In the story, they discuss the reasons why the grandparents made the arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean to come to America. The father works two shifts at the shoe factory to provide for his family. All newcomers to the city take any job they can to support their families. Many were migrants from the South. They have such a work ethic and do their best for each other. The Fitzgerald family feels here in the United States they have more opportunity to provide for their children and give them a better future then they would have had in Ireland.

The ideals of diligence and hard work are still very important values in our country. Those values are part of the American Dream which is still reachable. Young people starting the school year must work diligently with career goals in mind. All those who are struggling must find their place here. I remember stories of my wonderful grandparents who immigrated from Lebanon and enjoyed all the possibilities this country had to offer.

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