The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald

Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald

Francie Fitzgerald is a fourteen-year-old girl living in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880s. She is looking forward to being educated and independent against the wishes of her Aunt Molly who feels a young Irish girl should just learn to clean and cook at home. Francie is dedicated to her dreams of being the first person in her family to graduate from high school. One day, Francie is so upset she feels she needs to get out of the tenement, or she will just burst. On her way to the lake, she stumbles across a dead fox lying in the brush. His dead eyes are looking directly at her while foam is dripping from its open mouth.

Francie runs back home to enlist the help of her best friend, Sean, to solve the mystery of what happened to the poor animal. They both look through some old newspaper articles where they come across an article about a New York boy who was bitten by a dog who had rabies and later died of hydrophobia, which means fear of water. Sean feels the fox Francie found died of rabies, too. Francie tries to live normally, but she is afraid of all the many dogs that run freely in her hometown.

What she dreads most finally happens. Her brother and his friends are attacked by a rabid dog which is a death sentence. Her journey for help leads her to Dr. Louis Pasteur in Paris.

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