Nicholas Habib Kamar

My father was Nicholas Habib Kamar. He would have had a birthday this past weekend. He died in 1998 and I miss him always. He was my inspiration. Son of immigrants, he lived through the Great Depression, and served in World War II for his country and was part of the Greatest Generation. My dad inspired us to always work hard and graduate from college. He was so proud of his daughters who became teachers and my brother Mark who became an attorney.

His love for family was an inspiration to us all. He was the most wonderful father and grandfather to our children. Nick was always an example of generosity and kindness which we try to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

I want my father to know that because of all his encouragement telling me always to get “good marks” in school and to work diligently, I would say I have succeeded in life. I enjoyed teaching for 36 years in the Lansing School District in Michigan. After my retirement, I substitute taught for many years. Since then, I have published an historical novel, THE ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD published by Joshua Tree Publishing in Chicago. The story also exemplifies immigrants working hard, being a loving family to one another, and respecting their ethnic traditions from the past as my father always encouraged us to be proud of our Lebanese heritage.

Dad we appreciate all your positive influence and motivation to always do the right thing and have faith in Christ. My husband Dan and I have been married for 46 and our three beautiful daughters have given us 9 grandchildren. Thanks Dad.

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