Dr. Louis Pasteur

     Dr. Louis Pasteur was a great hero in his time.  He invented Pasteurization to kill germs in milk and other liquids by boiling them to a certain degree to make sure they are healthy to drink.  We still use the process today.

     Dr. Pasteur’s advice to doctors in the hospitals saved lots of lives.  Dr. Joseph Lister, who was Professor of Surgery in London at that time, thanked him for all his help since hospitals in England at that time did not have sinks for the staff to wash.  They thought opening the doors for fresh air was enough to kill germs.  After Pasteur’s study on bacteria, the hospital staff began hand washing, sterilizing surgical instruments, and disinfecting wounds. This helped many to return home healthy.

     He also discovered the rabies vaccine which can be administered to a person who has already been infected by a diseased animal.  Such an attack was always considered a death sentence.  When Joseph Lister was attacked in the Alsace, France he had to go to Paris for the serum the great man had invented.  They started the vaccinations with low dosages and gradually increased to a one day old spinal cord of a diseased animal.  In ten days, Joseph was home cured of rabies.  Today, we know pets need to be vaccinated to keep them well.

     With the Covid-19 Pandemic, we know all about the necessity of vaccinations and cleanliness to keep us all healthy.  So many individuals have died of this terrible disease world- wide. Dr. Pasteur did his best to cure typhoid, also.  He lost two of his young daughters to the disease.  In those days microscopes were not strong enough to see those bacteria. This inspired him to work harder to find a solution to help people.

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