The American Dream

Immigrants who come to this country have a dream that with lots of hard work and ambition, great things will happen. Being frugal and dedicated to their ideals, newcomers make a place for themselves in their new homeland. Many do jobs that are considered unsuitable by many citizens in our own country. Any work is… Continue reading The American Dream

The Power of Being Positive

Getting through our day sometimes can be difficult with all our many responsibilities. I try to get up in the morning with some very positive thoughts and pray that the day will bring good things as we never really know what the day may bring. Once we accomplish a difficult task, we than know that… Continue reading The Power of Being Positive

Dr. Pasteur and His Discoveries

In 1881, Dr. Louis Pasteur decided to show people how vaccines work. He prepared two groups of animals, which were mostly sheep, for the experiment. He gave one group his vaccine against anthrax which was killing many of the livestock in the area. Even people can catch anthrax spores from the diseased animals and die.… Continue reading Dr. Pasteur and His Discoveries

Are we becoming Anxious Again?

As we are becoming aware of the new Variant Strains of Covid-19, are we uneasy now as a nation similarly to when Covid first appeared here? It seems some children may have to wear face masks to school again in the fall. Covid hospitalizations are on the rise especially in states where many have not… Continue reading Are we becoming Anxious Again?


Francie reads in the newspaper about Dr. Joseph Lister who was the head of surgery in London at that time. He was also in charge of hospitals there. He thanked Dr. Louis Pasteur for his studies concerning germs. Because of Dr. Pasteur’s research about bacteria, Dr. Lister now instructs surgeons in the hospitals in England… Continue reading Dr. Pasteur and the ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD


When the Covid-19 outbreak hit our country, I began praying for vaccinations to save lives. Thousands have died from the Covid. We all have had our vaccines for polio and other diseases. Polio is a very contagious and crippling illness. Our generation knew individuals who came in contact with it and were never the same.… Continue reading Vaccinations

Another Fourth of July

We have recently celebrated yet another Fourth of July. The historical novel, THE ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD by Victoria Kamar Olivett, is a tale of pride and patriotism. The book is a stunning story of an Irish immigrant family in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880’s. They very much appreciated living in America with new… Continue reading Another Fourth of July

The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald

Francie Fitzgerald is a fourteen-year-old girl living in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880s. She is looking forward to being educated and independent against the wishes of her Aunt Molly who feels a young Irish girl should just learn to clean and cook at home. Francie is dedicated to her dreams of being the first… Continue reading The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald

Author Victoria Kamar Olivett

Victoria Olivett taught 7th Grade Middle School for thirty-five years in Lansing, Michigan. She has a degree in Sociology and History from Michigan State University. She enjoys making history come to life so others have the opportunity to relive experiences from the past. Victoria believes that history empowers us to learn from one another and… Continue reading Author Victoria Kamar Olivett