An Evening with Author Victoria Kamar Olivett

I am very proud to announce that on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, I will present my historical novel, The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald, at the beautiful Waukegan Public Library (128 N County St, Waukegan, IL 60885) from 5:30 until 6:30 p.m. You can register on the library’s website for this free event. I look forward… Continue reading An Evening with Author Victoria Kamar Olivett

Meet the Author

Victoria Olivett taught 7th Grade Middle School for thirty-five years in Lansing, Michigan. She has a degree in Sociology and History from Michigan State University. She enjoys making history come to life so others have the opportunity to relive experiences from the past. Victoria believes that history empowers us to learn from one another and… Continue reading Meet the Author

Booster Shots for Covid 19

The debate goes on whether or not individuals who received their two Covid vaccinations should yet again receive another injection. We know by now Covid is very serious. Many think eight months after the second shot would be a good time for a booster shot. Others feel they are already protected for now with the… Continue reading Booster Shots for Covid 19

America’s Other Pandemic in 1918

In 1918 a strain of influenza called the Spanish Flu became one of the world’s worst pandemics. Five hundred million people became infected worldwide which was one third of the world’s population. Six hundred and seventy five thousand Americans perished from this influenza which many believe began in America according to the Smithsonian Magazine, November… Continue reading America’s Other Pandemic in 1918

The Pasteur Institute

The Pasteur Institute was founded in 1887 in Paris, France by Dr. Louis Pasteur. This institute has always been dedicated to the study of biology, microbiology, microorganisms, and vaccines which help human kind throughout the world. There are now thirty-three Pasteur Institutes worldwide. The Pasteur Institute has helped conquer diphtheria, tetanus, tuberculosis, influenza, yellow fever,… Continue reading The Pasteur Institute

The Remarkable Dr. Louis Pasteur

Dr. Louis Pasteur completely changed the world as we know it with all his work and dedication in microbiology. His discovery of germ theory made the realization that is was not the air we breathe that causes disease but tiny microorganisms that bring sickness whether cholera or the Delta Variant. Something as simple as hand… Continue reading The Remarkable Dr. Louis Pasteur