Are we becoming Anxious Again?

As we are becoming aware of the new Variant Strains of Covid-19, are we uneasy now as a nation similarly to when Covid first appeared here? It seems some children may have to wear face masks to school again in the fall. Covid hospitalizations are on the rise especially in states where many have not received their vaccinations.

I would say anxiety is beginning again. We are anxious since we seem not to have control over our lives at times. In the ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD by Victoria Kamar Olivett, Francie becomes very frightened after discovering rabies in her neighborhood and wild dogs roam freely at all hours of the day and night. At the Fourth of July picnic, charging dogs knocked over Aunt Molly’s award winning blueberry pie. Later in the summer, a dog was killed near her tenement by a policeman. The dog came very close to attacking her brother and his friends that afternoon. Every incident reminds her of that terrible morning by the lake when she finds a lifeless fox with foam dripping from its mouth and his dead eyes staring directly at her. The odor was appalling and there were flies everywhere.

Francie decides she has to live a normal life with that fear and go on everyday not knowing what the future would bring. She has great courage and faith and so must we.

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