Another Fourth of July

We have recently celebrated yet another Fourth of July. The historical novel, THE ADVENTURES OF FRANCIE FITZGERALD by Victoria Kamar Olivett, is a tale of pride and patriotism. The book is a stunning story of an Irish immigrant family in Newark, New Jersey in the 1880’s. They very much appreciated living in America with new freedoms and opportunities they did not have in Ireland.

Francie’s grandfather, Michael Sullivan, volunteered for the North in the Civil War. He was injured in the Battle of Gettysburg, where his wounded leg developed gangrene and he later died from the infection.

President Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address that Grandpa was one of those who gave up his life for a ‘new birth of freedom.’ The Fitzgerald family will always be proud of his service to our country and others who gave up their lives for our nation.

Let us always be proud and thankful to be an American.

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